COVID-19 and Sugar - Episode 1757


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: Episode 1757 - On this Saturday show, David Scholes joins Vinnie to discuss his wife's death from COVID-19 complications, COVID-19 and sugar, horrible hospital diets, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS COVID-19 AND SUGAR David's wife unfortunately passed away from COVID-19 complications earlier this year. She was only 48 years old. His wife suffered from Type 2 Diabetes, but it was under control. She did not stick to NSNG® or a ketogenic diet. David noticed that in his family, the members who ate sugar and the like had worse symptoms. For a while, it seemed his wife was getting better, but unfortunately she ended up in the ICU and passed after a lengthy 5-week battle. Three weeks into her hospital stay, David finally got to see her. But, at that point, she was largely sedated, unfortunately. He was worried about the food she was fed in the hospital. David tried to get the hospital to try a ketogenic diet toward the end, and they started with a 72 hour fast. She was 30% better with oxygen intake toward the end of that fast. The studies on this have not been tested in humans but have had positive results in mice. FAT DOC 2 IS AVAILABLE ON ITUNES! Please also share it with family and friends! Buy it and watch it now on iTunes to get it to the top of the charts. We need it to get big for people to see it. Fat Doc 1 is also out Go watch it now! We need people to buy and review for it to stay at the top of iTunes pages. Available for both rental and purchase. You can also buy hardcopy or watch online at Amazon. YOU CAN NOW STREAM FOR FREE ON AMAZON PRIME IF YOU HAVE IT! RESOURCES Https:// Https:// Https:// Https:// Https:// Https://

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