BTS of Being an Ultra Feminine Woman: A Raw and Vulnerable Girly Girl Conversation with Wandita.


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One of the most honest struggles when it comes to valuing myself was with my struggle with being what people would call a "girly girl." I hated the term without even realizing why I hated it and I brought a lot of bags of pain, low self worth, and inner struggles with it. I was on a girl chat conversation with one of my girlfriends Wanda (she's my "g-in stilettos") Buddha queen and she held me accountable to why I was taking a label like girly girl and treating it like mud. I'm forever grateful for her walking with me in this conversation, leading me, and showing me that I don't have to hate this part of me. And that instead I can cherish it, walk WITH it and instead of against it and wear it like gold within my body. Thank you for joining me and Wanda in this girl chat, and Wanda THANK YOU for doing the reps with me in this, I don't know where I would be without you!

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