How to Come Back for You - The Last Rep of the Goddess with Mili and Destiny.


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When I was lost and broken these two women showed me who I am. And in this podcast I am sitting down with two of my very powerful coaches, Mili and Destiny for an extremely raw and vulnerable conversation in which together we used my story and things my body has been through in the past as a platform to empower others. Life is not a journey that any of us were ever meant to walk alone and I want you to know that regardless of where you are in the world listening to this podcast that you have women around the world putting in reps for you. And we are putting in reps because you goddess are worth it. You are gorgeousness redefined. Rest in your beautiful truth and let it glow.

That last rep?

It's the one the burns.

It's the one that almost kills.

And it's the one that breathes life into you again.

Welcome to the last rep of the goddess.

The goddess?

The goddess is a special type of energy. She disappeared from the earth thousands of years ago.

That's the energy that we were meant to do our last rep with.

Since she's been gone for so long maybe it's time that we as women bring her back to life.

Will you join me?

There is goddessness inside of you. Let it out. Let your inner goddess breathe. .

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