Bagels In NYC And More On Content & Digital In Fitness With Allison Rand


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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan O’Rourke welcomes Allison Rand to the podcast. Allison is a digital marketing and content executive who has worked with a variety of brands on creative campaign development, content creation and distribution, social media, product development, and design. She is currently the VP of Marketing for YouFit Gyms, and today, Bryan discusses with her the principles of marketing and understanding its practicality in today’s business world.

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One Powerful Quote:

6:53: “Everything’s changed, but nothing’s changed because, while the mediums have become more sophisticated and the content is allowed to be more sort of casual, we still yearn for community at home and in club. The way we create and the way we publish has completely evolved, but we’re still all looking for the exact same thing.”

4-10 Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:53: Bryan opens the show by introducing Allison’s background into marketing.

6:31: Bryan asks Allison her perspective on content and the digitization of content.

7:44: Bryan and Allison talk about trust in community and the tools for influencer marketing.

10:42: Bryan and Allison talk about having the right partners and right attitude to avoid big mistakes and false assumptions.

12:52: Bryan and Allison discuss marketing as an integral part of business.

17:43: Bryan inquires with Allison about how operators should manage member’s data.

21:53: Allison shares her advice to listeners on what they should think about with third party vendors and data.

23:32: Allison shares her thoughts on content and content production for clubs and brands.

32:48: Bryan and Allison talk about attending IHRSA 2022.

34:42: Bryan wraps up the show by asking Allison to impart her final pearls of wisdom to the listeners.

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