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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan O’Rourke welcomes founders Ben Brand & Chris Windram of Quoox to the show. Ben has over 25-years as a facility owner & trainer, and Chris has over 25-years experience in architecting leading cloud-based CRM and business management systems. Ben and Chris have consolidated their expertise to develop a product that would meet the needs of training gym and studio owners both for now and the future. Quoox is designed to meet the needs of the modern training gym/studio, delivering a single, cohesive platform upon which facility owners can effectively and efficiently run their fitness businesses. Quoox is built upon the bedrock of using technology to deliver the very best in customer service and quality of product to members and to provide facility owners with effective tools and workflows where they can efficiently & profitably operate their business, all in one place. Today, Bryan, Ben, & Chris discuss the challenges in software technology adoption for business models in the brick and mortar space.

One Powerful Quote:

8:11: “When we talk about collaboration, I think the first hurdle we need to overcome with this amongst operators, we see this nationally, is there is a fear mindset, very much, and they need to get the abundance mindset. They need to getaway from this scarcity. There is enough for everyone, and it’s only through working together that the strength and collaboration is going to drive the industry forward on a professional level as well. They need to look beyond themselves and their localized communities I think.”

4-10 Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

3:37: Bryan opens the show by asking Ben & Chris about what collaboration means to them amongst operators.

7:05: Bryan asks Ben & Chris about fitness accreditations and the gap in the marketplace for operators to provide this.

9:47: Ben & Chris share their insights in member experience and inclusion from the clients they serve.

13:49: Ben & Chris articulate on Bryan’s commentary on the pain points and fear across the industry space.

16:03: Ben & Chris talk about ease in the method of payment systems and how the industry will become a hybrid model.

18:48: Bryan, Ben, & Chris discuss the danger in not providing frictionless user experiences to the ecosystem.

22:10: Bryan asks Ben & Chris to explore misnomer “all in one” solutions for executing automation and personalization.

29:24: Ben & Chris delve into legacy system issues for larger players in the space.

34:34: Bryan wraps up the show by asking Ben & Chris to share their final pearls of wisdom to the listeners.

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