084, Craig Miller: The Importance of Data & Digital Strategy


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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, Bryan welcomes Craig Miller, Chief Digital & Information Officer for Planet Fitness, the largest health club chain in the world, with 13 million members across 1800 clubs. Miller came to Planet Fitness via Sonic Drive-In, and he shares with F+T listeners his wealth of experience in the digital sphere and how data can be used to provide a competitive advantage in the fitness field.

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8:00 What I found is that probably 70, 75% of a digital strategy is really very consistent [across industry]. It isn't until the go-to-market or consumer-facing aspect of your business is when it really begins to change.


12:35: The foundation of all digital strategies is data.

4-10 Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

2:45 Guest Craig Miller talks about his first 18 months at Planet Fitness and how he ended up working at the world's largest health club chain.

4:40 Bryan asks Craig to talk about the Planet Fitness brand and its incredible growth and trajectory, which he attributes to strong fundamentals as well as a deliberate marketing campaign to recruit not the 20% of Americans who regularly go to the gym, but the 80% who do not.

7:40 Craig talks about what he sees as digital trends in the fitness industry, and how his experience working in other industries helps to inform and shape that view.

10:50: Craig shares the five objectives Planet Fitness uses to leverage the benefits of technology.

12:30: Bryan asks Craig to share his thoughts on the role data plays in Planet Fitness's digital strategy and how to use this volume of information in a meaningful way.

16:50 Craig shares his view of the at-home market, whether it is poised for continued growth, and what is holding this market back.

20:40 Craig reiterates to listeners the importance of staying true to a company's core values, and at 22:45, shares how thoughts on this year's IHRSA conference.

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