088 Hans Muench: Live From FitNation 2019 - Understanding The European Fitness Market


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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan O'Rourke welcomes friend and colleague Hans Muench, principal of Muench Solutions Consulting, live from Amsterdam. Hans has served in a variety of executive roles including the Director of Europe for IHRSA, Chief Development Officer for Elixia Clubs, and currently serves as an advisor for VirtuaGym and Urban Sport Clubs. He is an ambassador for Gym Factory and acts as a consultant for suppliers and club operators. As one of the leading, trusted advisors in the European health club market, listeners will enjoy Hans’s advice as he and Bryan discuss the overall shape of the marketplace and recap VirtuaGym’s FitNation 2019.

One Powerful Quote:

4:31: “There is much of a danger [technology] to be too early as too late…You can only really effectively do as much innovation as you can integrate and implement in your organization.”

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3:26: Hans shares his perspective on the European marketplace and the misconception of “one size fits all” approach. He mentions how innovators are adapting in countries with low penetration rates and understanding the implications of political events such as BreExit in the UK.

6:26: Bryan asks Hans his opinion on the budget model in Europe and the focus on high volume, low cost sector of the industry. Hans says this strategy may succeed if clubs raise prices and build their presence to be dominant in the market.

9:21: Hans discusses how innovation and technology must be integrated into an organization at the right time. He warns, though, that there is a limit to how that can be implemented. He and Bryan also discuss how this is a competitive advantage and the opportunity it gives owners for scalability and value to their customers.

11:58: Bryan asks Hans about the idea behind VirtuaGym’s FitNation 2019 Conference and the importance to its attendees showcasing keynote speakers, location, and topics discussed.

15:00: Hans encourages listeners to visit Europe to learn and understand from savvy operators and their innovation adoptions compared to the U.S.

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