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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, Bryan O'Rourke welcomes strategic adviser Pete Moore to the show. Pete is the managing partner at Integrity Square, which specializes in advising passionate entrepreneurs, fast-growing companies, and seasoned executives with the right sources of capital where Pete advises the health, active lifestyle, and outdoor sector of the firm. Today, Bryan and Pete share their insights on the financial market and what firms are doing in the industry now.

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One Powerful Quote: 18:39: “You gotta be patient, okay. You can’t expect to be in a place right now where in 3 or 6 months things are going to be materially better. But you know in 2 to 3 years from now, you know we might even forget that we went through this. So be patient, hibernate. Just get to the other side, okay. Then, if you get to the other side, then it’s like you’ve won the race. And now, you can basically reset.”

4-10 Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

4:42: Pete shares his spin on what’s going to happen in merger and acquisitions.

6:37: Bryan and Pete discuss public performance in the market and private equity investments.

9:56: Pete articulates his vision of big tech in the marketplace.

11:58: Bryan and Pete talk about firms creating partnerships in the home and digital markets.

14:37: Bryan inquires with Pete on his perspective that certain business cycles can be compared to the “Roaring 20s”.

18:36: Bryan wraps up the show by asking Pete to share his pearls of wisdom to the listeners.

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