Gamification, The Metaverse, & Other Buzzwords With Shay Amir


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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan O’Rourke welcomes back Shay Amir, Founder & CEO of Spivi. Spivi is an interactive fitness tracking and streaming platform made for gyms to track performance and motivate members both in-studio and at-home. Spivi’s performance tracking, gamification, and visuals help keep engagement and motivation at the forefront of every workout delivered. Today, Shay joins Bryan in a conversation on gamification, the metaverse, and other buzzwords in advance to Bryan’s upcoming talk.

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One Powerful Quote:

29:39: “To be part of all of that, you have to accept technology, or you have to accept that technology is going to be part of your business and not just on the managing side of it.”

4-10 Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

2:25: Bryan opens up the show by asking Shay his views on gamification.

7:55: Shay comments on Bryan’s remarks on the enormity of gaming today.

10:31: Bryan asks Shay how he defines the metaverse.

16:38: Bryan inquires with Shay about decisions and fair exchanges in the metaverse.

24:41: Bryan and Shay talk about the experience around the dynamics of gamification and what solutions can be delivered in this format.

29:30: Bryan wraps up the show by asking Shay to impart his final advice to the listeners.

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