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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan O’Rourke welcomes back Tom Johnston to the show. Tom is currently the CEO of TJ Coaching & Consulting which helps leaders align business strategy with people strategy to build high performance teams, increase employee engagement, and grow revenue. Today, Tom joins Bryan in a conversation around human capital and aligning organizational leadership with people’s strategy.

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8:09: “Even the term leader is probably becoming one of the most overused business nomenclature terms today.”

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5:28: Bryan opens the show by asking Tom what he is seeing in the realm of organizational leadership and culture today.

8:09: Bryan and Tom discuss the notion of leadership and what it means to be in command.

11:30: Bryan inquires with Tom about hard skills in legacy organizations and the heightened problem of job protection.

13:49: Bryan and Tom talk about the inefficiency of human resources and how culture breeds strategy.

18:38: Tom articulates on managing the workforce and burnout.

22:32: Tom describes implementing technology as tools to help guide leadership to make strategic decisions. Bryan argues with Tom on why this isn’t the case.

36:31: Tom gives his final advice for listeners on enhancing culture and organization by having a people’s strategy.

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