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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, Bryan O'Rourke shares his interview with corporate finance and strategic adviser, Rohit Kulkarni. Rohit is the Head Internet Analyst at MKM Partners, which specializes in researching and investing in capital markets. Today, Bryan recaps his thoughts on broad questions in the marketplace on big tech and other dynamics to consider in our industry as we approach the new year.

One Powerful Quote:

35:59: “I think there may be some pricing power in certain markets, which has not existed for clubs in sometime for certain concepts…so those brands that have the power I think are going to do very well.”

4-10 Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

4:09: Bryan introduces himself and his background, and Rohit asks him his views on the table-stakes of the fitness industry prior to the pandemic.

8:18: Bryan articulates his thoughts on the market with demand, valuation summaries, and trends that have accelerated.

11:01: Rohit asks Bryan to further extrapolate his views on the evaluation of firms.

13:18: Rohit inquires with Bryan about competitors of Peloton. The two discuss these firms that are unique in their value proposition.

19:56: Bryan talks about elements of social community and how user experiences will be catered to by many choices in different markets.

22:54: Bryan highlights his thoughts about intellectual property disputes.

24:25: Bryan delves into why big tech companies are moving into health and wellness and the strategy in their network effect.

29:17: Rohit asks Bryan his opinion on big firm acquisitions.

31:05: Bryan shares his belief that market consolidation and omni-channel offerings will be the future of the industry.

34:00: Bryan explains why many boutique models are not feasible, business models.

35:18: Bryan talks about the statistics on gym facilities closing as a result of COVID-19, pricing power in certain markets, and how some firms like Planet Fitness will continue to grow.

36:47: Rohit and Bryan discuss how big tech firms enter into the healthcare system and primary preventive care.

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