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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan O'Rourke welcomes Natalia Karbasova to the show. Natalia is the founder of the FitTech Summit, the leading conference in Europe devoted to fitness technology, wellbeing, and active lifestyle attracting many high-ranking industry executives, investors, and startups. Today, Bryan and Natalia discuss cutting edge technology that she is involved in and what’s to come from these emerging platforms.

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30:03: “I believe this is now is the good time for it to understand where your assets are as a club for example or as a personal trainer of course as well and to understand how you can create a hybrid business models because just going to the digital space is super difficult. The willingness to be there is not as high or sometimes non-existent on this level, so I think the clubs have just to understand what the unique selling proposition is.”

4-10 Bullet Points (w/ Timestamps) - Highlighting Key Topics Discussed:

4:10: Bryan asks Natalia about trends involving technology and what she finds most interesting in longevity.

8:54: Natalia shares her thoughts on embedded technology and why the internet of behaviors is indicative of a dystopian society. Bryan and Natalia further discuss monopolized competition, government regulation, and industries as an “arena”.

15:43: Bryan inquires with Natalia if she believes augmented and virtual reality are the next big, competing platforms.

19:07: Natalia talks about gamification.

24:53: Natalia delves into cyborg technology in the sports and fitness space.

28:56: As Bryan wraps up the show, Natalia gives advice to listeners in how they should manage these emerging technologies.

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