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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan O’Rourke welcomes Carrie Kepple Styles to the show. Bryan and Carrie have known each other for over 15 years, most notably working together on the IHRSA Board of Directors. Carrie is part of an elite group of senior leaders, working with clubs all over the world including Gold’s Gym International and Les Mills. Her experience is in club operations where she most recently developed Styles Studios, a new, pioneering fitness brand that offers four boutique studio classes all in one place. Today, Bryan and Carrie have a discussion on technology and what’s happening in club industry.

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34:57: “So I think it’s about being disciplined with your ego like being proud of what you’re going to create but like really paying attention. And always, always, always, always look through the eyes of the customer, not yourself.”

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4:47: Bryan opens the show by asking Carrie about her experience as Chairman of IHRSA.

9:31: Bryan inquires with Carrie about upcoming trends she has witnessed in the prior years.

16:45: Carrie explains why she believes there are opportunities for the industry to embrace automation for human capital.

18:02: Carrie articulates on her technology journey for building out her studio concept, Styles Studios.

23:36: Bryan and Carrie talk about operators losing focus on applying the technology “roadmap” to their business.

24:46: Carrie talks about her omnipresent strategy at Styles Studios.

29:39: Carrie shares her story behind the creation of Styles Studios.

33:49: Bryan wraps up the show by asking Carrie to impart her pearls of wisdom to the listeners.

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