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This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, host Bryan O’Rourke welcomes Leon Rudge, Director of Digital Experience at Life Fitness, to the show. Today, Bryan and Leon share their thoughts together on innovation with the challenges and opportunities that encompass them particularly in delivering value and discarding assumptions on what technology means.

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One Powerful Quote:

8:26: “The one thing we have as a sector over technology is people, places, and equipment, and we’ve got to figure out where that sits in this and how those things play nicely together.”

4-10 Bullet Points (w/ timestamps) - Highlighting key topics discussed:

5:51: Bryan opens the show by asking Leon about the general consensus on his recent publishing.

12:20: Bryan and Leon discuss delivering value in the trainer space.

15:45: Bryan inquires with Leon on discarding the assumptions of what technology means.

23:48: Leon shares his thoughts on virtual reality, designer member experience, and digital as points of differentiation.

30:11: Leon explains the friction in the interoperability of systems for legacy brands.

38:31: Bryan wraps up the show by asking Leon his view on business and what operators should be thinking about.

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