100. Tom Aulet, co-founder & CEO of Ergatta


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Today I’m joined by Tom Aulet, co-founder and CEO of Ergatta — a game-based connected rower.

In this episode, Tom lays out the opportunity in creating fitness offerings that go beyond instructor-led, boutique-style classes. We talk about the company’s approach to designing game-based content. And we discuss the potential for Ergatta to enter new categories in addition to rowing.

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Tom is a teacher, turned economic analyst, turned enterprise software revenue leader, turned tech entrepreneur. After graduating from Vanderbilt with a degree in Spanish & Economics, Tom spent a year teaching English to high schoolers in Spain and then two years as an economic consultant at Cornerstone Research. Wanting something completely new, he then jumped to marketing software platform MediaMath where he did global enterprise deals, ran an EMEA & LATAM revenue team out of London, and eventually built and ran a global sales team. While struggling to find a practical and enjoyable fitness routine with a demanding job, Tom got the idea for Ergatta, partnered with his two favorite ex-colleagues and built the world’s first game-based cardio machine.

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