Episode #239 Rookies Dictionary For Creative Real Estate Terms Most Need & Want! Part #2


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Looking to escape from the quick-sand of not doing exceptionally well at being a Creative Real Estate Investor? The only way to become a genius in creative real estate investing and be FREE is to speak the language accurately, flawlessly, and with complete fluency. And, the mistake 99% of all real estate investors make, is they learn how to speak our dialect by listening to others speak it at seminars, in books, on video, and listening to podcasts, etc. This leaving the door wide open to use these terms to impress listeners when they themselves really don't know what these terms or phrases mean. And, in most cases, because of this type of education (or lack of), it adds years and a lot of expense to the Creative Real Estate Investors success. But, because this topic of understanding the terms and phrases sounds boring, and is not sexy, it is NOT taught. Which is why this industry is so confusing when first getting involved. This podcast, along with episode #239, will give you the quantum leap you have been seeking for so long! So listen many times, and take good notes for reference when needed!

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