Episode #241​ Congress Stimulus Package For Real Estate Rookies To Get Gargantuan Creative Profits!


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If you are anything like me, you might be wondering how all this Congress Stimulus Package stuff is going to effect me buying creative real estate deals when and if it is going to happen? Which is why I needed to call in a financial PRO, so we can get his opinion on the Stimulus Package, and our opinion on the real estate portion. Which means you should expect to get some amazing jewels on how to accurately operate during these totally weird but opportunistic times never really experienced in history. Remember ... the most amount of money ever made, is during the most amount of chaos. Which means you need to stop hearing all the "noise" and concentrate or focus on what will get you the best results. And listening to conversations like in this podcast episode can help you keep your eye on the mountain that should be your futures freedom financially, and every other way you decide. So make sure you listen with a clear mind and don't let your opinions block information until the call is over. Let's get started ...

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