Episode 58 — The Age of Anxiety feat. Brain.fm


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Welcome back to Floor 9! This week, hosts Scott and Adam are joined by Christina from our strategy team and special guest Dan Clark, CEO of Brain.fm, to talk about technology-induced anxiety. Taking from the last trend, The Age of Anxiety, from our Outlook 2020 trend report, the lab team and Dan discussed in depth on how technology and its many implications are causing us an increased level of anxiety, and what brands can do in response to this prevailing phenomenon.

In this episode:

  • Slacking off: a new recurring segment where Lab members pick their favorite news items from our hyper-active Slack channels
  • Christina — BTS previewing new single on TikTok
  • Adam & Scott — HQ Trivia shutting down
  • Dan — “unescapable political news”
  • How we have entered the Age of Anxiety and its main causes, including overwhelming content choice and rising privacy concerns
  • How Brain.fm has been using AI to apply neuroscience to help people focus and relax
  • What brands can do in response to the rising level of consumer anxiety and help them assuage it and build connections
  • Floor 9 Mailbag: a new audience Q&A section — submit your questions on Twitter @ipglab
  • We laugh about the disparate methods we all use to fall asleep

Slacking Off Links

BTS’s TikTok preview [Billboard]

HQ Trivia’s last episode [YouTube]

Read more about the Age of Anxiety in our Outlook 2020 trend report

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