14: Urban Foraging with Annie Doran: The Negative Impacts of your Mowed Lawns


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Ep: 14
I'm Kaitlyn Kuehn a plant biologist with a thirst for mycology. Today we talk with an herbalist Annie Doran owner of Lion's Tooth Apothecary. Her mission is focusing on holistic health, ethical practice and remind each person that plants can heal us, if we let them. In this weeks episode we cover:

  • How to prepare and forage for urban medicinals
  • How green grass yards are negativity affecting our ecosystems
  • How to create your own diverse yard
  • What is an elixir bar
  • How to incorporate more health into your diet
  • Why people want cut yards

Resources Mentioned:
Sovereignty Herbs
Edible essential oils
Matt Wood
Sacred Plant Traditions
Rosemary Gladstar Books

Where to find Annie:
Lions Tooth Herbs
Kitchen Medicine Class coming soon
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YouTube- this weeks video had a lack of connection, so it is mostly audio (I'm sorry!)
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