Episode 42 - From Zero To World Class (Part 2)


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In this part 2 of Going from Zero to World Class Andres and Alex look at the art of learning. The meta learning is what will inform us of what to learn and how. When we combine this information with the deep practice discussed in the last episode we create the ideal learning practice to go from zero to world class in record time.

Time stamps: 1. Episode 41 recap - 3:39 2. What is Meta learning - 15:47 3. The importance of outliers - 24:35 4. How to deadlift 400lbs training 5 mins per week - 36:20 5. DSSS - 39:15 6. CFE - 46:34 7. Questions to ask - 53:50 8. Art of Impossible learning method - 1:08

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