Gozanti Heist: A Holiday RPG


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We take a break from our normal content to play a Star Wars Themed RPG. More information below:

Players:Saal Bem (Duros) Outlaw Tech - Richard White Light blasters Mechanics Slicing Underworld Contacts Deception Arribirrivivolovo, Arbee for short - Cody Campbell Duros, Male. Middle-aged Languages Negotiation/Haggling Knowledge of military equipment Underworld Connections Fortitude/Constitution Kray Onmarkor (Human) - Stephen Kim (Raithos) Starfighter Piloting Negotiation Imperial/High Class socialite knowledge Military Training Mechanical Repair Jek the Jawa - Steven Gonzales Sneak Tech Shoot-Ion Gun Pilot-Ground Vehicles Bargain/Haggling

R3-P0 - Dee Navigation/Astrogation Slicing Scanning Piloting Shooting

GAME RULES:All Players Create a Character 1) Make a character. This is set during the Mandalorian time period. No force powers allowed. 2) Pick 5 “skills” these can be as specific or generic as you want them to be. Generic skills are more generally useful, but specific skills can give you a greater advantage in those specific situations. Ex: Shooting vs Long Range Sniping Piloting vs Dogfighting Interceptors 3) You have 5 “plot points” to place in any combination of skills. You use these points to effect d6 rolls to succeed or fail at tasks Example of play: There’s a storm trooper running towards you! Dee elects to use his “shooting” skill. I say he needs to roll a 4 or better on a d6 to shoot the stormtrooper. Dee has 2 “Plot Points” he decides to spend both to add that number to his roll. He rolls a 3, but adds 2 for a total of 5! He shoots the stormtrooper. However. Let’s say he opted to us no “plot points” on his roll and rolled a 3 He failed the roll, but gains 3 “plot points” in shooting by learning from his mistake. Any skill may only have a maximum of 6 plot points at any time. GAME MASTERING: Before the game begins, the GM creates a list of various story beats that the players can/will encounter, as well as a cost for those items. Whenever a player spends a "Plot Point" the GM adds that point to one of the listed items or to a general pool to use later. When enough Plot Points have been spent by the players to fill a Story Beat, the GM can purchase it and immediately trigger it in the game. An example of below.

Stormtrooper Encounter (5) Hull Breach (10) Monster Sighting (2) Monster Manipulation (8) Abomination Attack (15)

It is up to the GM's discretion whether or not a player is "Killed" but the game is not designed to kill players. When an enemy attacks they roll a d6 with a number cap (Storm Troopers might have a 3 cap in shooting). Have a player make an opposing roll. They may spend plot points in a relevant skill if able to add to their defense roll. If they fail, the GM should give a temporary penalty to one of the Character's five skills.

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