#055: That’s Not a Goal—It’s a Project


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You know that goal you set is important, but you always dread working on it. When you finally stop procrastinating, you never seem to be able to make the kind of progress you want to and walk away feeling drained. It’s so frustrating to feel unable to achieve work you know matters.

You’ve accidentally turned a project into a goal. We’ve done it, too. But completing projects requires different strategies than accomplishing goals. Today, we’ll teach you how to make sure your important projects get done with three straightforward strategies. You’ll feel free to focus on the goals that make the biggest impact, without letting anything important fall through the cracks.

Your days of dreading important work are behind you. It’s time to accomplish the work that matters most.

In this episode, you’ll discover—

  • Questions to ask yourself to determine if you are working on a goal or a project.
  • How to avoid dependency on external motivation with your goals.
  • The difference of things you should do versus things you get to do.
  • How some efforts promote maintenance and others are for growth—and what that means.
  • What to do with goals that are assigned to you that will make them more exciting.

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