Ep 210 - Reopening the Vault (Intro Session) [ft niiightstalker]


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Recording Date: July 17, 2020

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The team sat down with guest co-host niiightstalker, taking some time to discuss art and its importance in their approach to not just Destiny, but also how it affects her overall life (spoilers: it's a lot!). Afterwards, we jump into discussing the history of the Vault of Glass as well as a few thoughts on where we could see the raid's upcoming return into the game of Destiny 2 taking the narrative.

This episode will serve as the first half (or the "Intro Session") to the topic, with the second half (the "Advanced Session") hitting your podcast feeds on Friday morning.

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Timestamps of Note within Episode

0:01:15 - Introductions0:03:00 - Getting to Know niiightstalker0:21:15 - Cocktail Knowledge0:28:15 - VoG Encounters0:33:00 - Looking at the Aegis & Kabr0:43:00 - Praedyth's Return0:53:15 - Whisper Mission Connected to the Vault?0:55:00 - Concluding Thoughts0:55:30 - Shoutouts

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