Pimp Barconia Brothers Refuse To Return Sex Worker Money - Interlude


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The Barconia's are two brothers who are openly self proclaim pimps who are located in the Dallas area. How these two gentlemen are able to public sex trafficking woman is unknown but Warren K. Barconia who use the moniker GGov or Governor and the other brother Warren M. Barconia use the moniker President. In this recording a sex worker send us this recording of her begging for the brother to return her money which she earned. SHOW CREDITS Host: Keko - http://twitter.com/therealkeko Co Host - Magdalena Guest: The Barconia Brothers Producer: Mac Redd Music Guest: na Background: na Donation: https://cash.app/$folksalert Phone: 646-54-FOLKS Email: info@folksalert.com Web site: http://folksalert.com IG: http://instagram.com/koolfolks Twitter: http://twitter.com/folksalert

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