S3 - EP 162 - Attorney Eric P. Mirabel: Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Houston Strip Clubs


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Attorney Eric-Paul 'Eric' Mirabel has filed a lawsuit on the behalf of Chanel Nicholson, exotic dancer against (3) three Houston strip clubs and its owners for employment discrimination with a rarely used, 155-year-old civil rights law that affords workers the same rights and abilities 'enjoyed by white citizens.' Mrs. Nicholson, who is black, claims in a lawsuit her former employers Ali and Hassan Davari, two brothers who own a string of clubs .H.D. HOUSTON, INC. d/b/a CENTERFOLDS HOUSTON, W.L. YORK, INC. d/b/a THE COVER GIRLS, SPLENDOR GENTLEMENS CLUB, SOLID PLATINUM CABARE, where Nicholson claims was denied work because 'there were already too many black girls'. Nicholson said 'I can put on makeup. I can comb my hair. I can look as pretty as you want to. I can act as sophisticated as you need me to, but I cannot scrub my skin off,' Nicholson told The Washington Post. 'I’m a Black girl and I can’t help that.' MORE INFO: Eric P. Mirabel, J.D., LL.M. https://www.emirabel.com SHOW CREDITS Host: Keko - http://twitter.com/therealkeko Co Host - Magdalena Guest: Eric P. Mirabel, J.D., LL.M. Producer: Mac Redd Music Guest: Kydd Trell - Monalisa Background: Pilotkid - https://bsta.rs/9aa63191d Donation: https://cash.app/$folksalert Phone: 646-54-FOLKS Email: info@folksalert.com Web site: http://folksalert.com IG: http://instagram.com/whymyface Twitter: http://twitter.com/folksalert

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