Doctrine & Covenants 45 : Dr. Brent L. Top Part II


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Will the Lord come like a “woman in travail” or a “thief in the night?” Dr. Brent Top continues his discussion of the signs of the times and teaches how the Lord encourages us four times more than warnings. Join John, Hank, and Dr. Top for Part II as they discuss how our relationship to the Lord is what we should focus on and then we will be in a position to recognize when He comes because we will be near Him.
00:00 Welcome to Part II
01:13 Ratio of Lord’s Counsel vs. Warning in Section 45
05:00 Dr. Top’s Confidence in God Helps with Anxiety
06:07 God Will Be With Zion in the Last Days and Will Swallow Up Any Threat
09:22 Reminder That Section 45 Isn’t a Negative Section
12:14 Prepper Kits Won’t Help Us If We Haven't Filled Our Souls with Righteousness
13:51 Virtue is the Power of Christ: Not Just Moral Cleanliness
15:08 Dr. Top’s Personal Experience as a Temple Sealer
17:21 Hank Shares How Parable of the Ten Virgins Relates to Us and Why We Can’t Share Our Oil
19:45 Two Metaphors for Jesus’s Sudden Return Depend on Our Relationship: Laboring Mother or Thief
23:31 Why We Can’t Put the Signs of the Second Coming in Sequential Order
26:45 What the Lord Means When He Says “Quickly” or “Soon”
28:51 Gathering Includes People From All Faiths
32:13 Jesus Appears to the Lamanites in the Americas
33:20 Bishop of Stockholm Great Friend to the Church
34:20 Holy Envy of Great Parts of Other Faiths
38:40 Dr Top Shares Story of High School Friend Who Joined Church But Didn’t Know Dr. Top was LDS
43:00 Dr. Top’s Closing Testimony

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