Talking about what we've been told not too!


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It's time we talk about the things we grew up being told we shouldn't talk about as not talking about it doesn't make it go away rather it just makes it more isolating and disconnected! I promise you this will be 30 minutes well worth your time as it's time we shift our mindset and open our perspective! I cover each of these tips on the show as well:
  1. Recognize that anxiety is normal and its ok to not be ok and being ok with that is a step in the right direction
  2. Identify the good distractions not by do they push you forward or back but rather what do we do that provides us relief
  3. Own what you can & can’t control by tracking your desired end result with what needs to happen for that to occur.
  4. Don’t let others determine how you want to connect while also being creative with how you allows others to connect to you
  5. Self-love is not selfish it’s necessary in you becoming your best self which will help you help others
  6. Own your feelings, giving yourself time to feel and own that feeling will empower you to gain clarity in the moment and in the future feel better faster
  7. Give yourself a break and manage your expectations
  8. Be kind to others and embrace the role lifting up others has on you as the kindness both giving and receiving can be often times all we need to move forward

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