It’s Our 100th Episode…So Let’s Eat STEAK!


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Hosts: Kirk Pynchon & Lindsey Gentile

Executive Producer: Kirk Pynchon

Producer/Engineer: Andrew Price

Theme song by: Kirk “Dad Beats” Pynchon

What better way to celebrate the 100th episode of Food Fight! than having Lindsey come over to Kirk’s on a Saturday night to eat some steak? (Answer: There is no better way.) So, while gorging on a full steak dinner, the two discuss the best cuts, how much of a crime is medium well, is rare steak just a flex, grilled vs. broiled vs, pan-fried, best/worst toppings, best/worst sides, and the pure joy of going to a steakhouse. Can Kirk and Lindsey last another 100 episodes without killing each other?

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