White Chocolate Ain’t Chocolate (But It’s Tasty AF)


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Hosts: Kirk Pynchon & Lindsey Gentile

Producer: Kirk Pynchon

Producer/Engineer: Andrew Price

Theme song by: Kirk “Dad Beats” Pynchon

Description: When it comes to chocolate, Lindsey is a little on the snobby side. As for Kirk, well, let’s just say he’s…easy? So there are A LOT of hot takes from these two when it comes to talking about pure, unadulterated chocolate. They debate milk vs. white vs. dark, is mint chocolate underrated, is caramel chocolate overrated, how good is Dove chocolate, how crappy is Hershey, what’s the best fruit to cover with chocolate (hint: it’s not orange), and then Lindsey shares how psychedelic mushrooms and chocolate are really the best combo out there!

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