You are Pregnant, Now What: Registry Part 2


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In this week’s episode of Food Freedom and Fertility your hosts Caitlin Johnson and Sophia Pavia move on to the second part of registry needs. They want to remind all listeners that this is an opinion based episode and to always do what works for you and your baby. During this episode they are going to shake up myths and debunk rumors about certain baby products.

Caitlin and Sophia discuss a variety of sleep products like sound machines, clocks, fans, swaddles, location for sleep, lighting and other items. They also break down moving around with your baby including strollers and baby wraps/carriers. The podcast wraps up with your hosts discussing some items that your little baby would enjoy such as rattles, high contrast toys and activity mats.

At the end of the day the most important thing to remember is do what works for your baby and your family. Not all baby products and utilities’ work for every baby or momma. Be sure to test out the products if at all possible, even if you decide to purchase 2nd hand.

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