318: Spiritual, Supernatural, Spooky Halloween Stories with Elizabeth Tripp and Laura Powers


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Halloween is not just about pumpkin carving, ghost stories, and wearing spooky costumes. During this time when the veil is lifted there is an opportunity to release that which is no longer serving us, tap into our intuition, and create massive shifts in our lives.

Get into the Halloween spirit with some spiritual, spooky, supernatural stories with Laura Powers and Elizabeth Tripp!

Spiritual Teacher and Lifestyle Design Coach Elizabeth Tripp grew up seeing things others did not. Feeling “different” from her friends and family, she turned to food as comfort. After years of working at a job she didn’t like and losing the person she thought was the love of her life, Elizabth realized it was time for a change. She transformed her life and realized her abilities were gifts that could help others. Her mission today is to guide you to break through old patterns and learn your soul’s lessons so that you can believe in yourself, live in the truth of who you are, and design a lifestyle you’re in love with.

Ever since she was a child, Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers has seen and sensed ghosts and spirits. She now uses her gifts communicating with angels, spirits, and other energy beings to help her clients better understand and change their lives. Though Laura has always sensed the spiritual realm, it was not until adulthood that she opened up to her gifts and a life-crisis in which she was unemployed, going through a bad divorce, and physically ill. It was during the crisis that she shifted and opened up her focus to the spiritual realm and her life dramatically transformed from there. Her goal is to help others find the resources and tools for self-healing.

Tune into today's episode and we’ll take you on a journey of angels, ghosts, the other side, manifestation, and more! You’ll learn how to tap more fully into your intuitive psychic abilities so you can design the life you love!

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