Foodie and the Beast - Sept. 25, 2021


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Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis. On today’s show: • Jenay Dougany is the beverage director and general manager at Dupont’s ala, previously Ankara. Ala, which translates in Turkish as “multi-colored,” recently went through a revamp and now offers cuisine – and some very creative cocktails - melding the flavors of the Levant region, which includes Turkey, Syria, Israel, Lebanon and beyond; • Now’s the perfect time to experience the Shenandoah region’s vibrant fall colors. Pam Wrightman, general manager of Big Meadow in Shenandoah National Park, joins us to talk great hiking, horseback riding and more, about 50 minutes outside the Beltway; • Dust off your lederhosen! D.C.’s Park View bar at Hook Hall hosts Das Bier Bash, with the Queen of Oktoberfest, Manuela Horn, as headliner. The America’s Got Talent yodeling, dancing and comedy act finalist brings her variety show for a twelve-day run, Sept. 22 through Oct. 3. Manuela and Hook Hall owner Anna Valero, also reputed to be a world-class yodeler, join us; • And this could be cat-a-clysmic! Kachan Singh, founder & CEO of Crumbs & Whiskers, will be with us to throw a spotlight on his kitten and cat café, where people can come in and drink coffee, play with kittens, cuddle with kittens, and if they fall in love with a kitten or cat they can adopt it and take it home.

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