Football á la Turca - News update (June 4th 2020) - League restart June 12th, Trabzonspor banned from Europe and is a foreigner limit inc?


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The world is slowly returning to normal and the madness of the Turkish Süper Lig is soon starting up again, on the 12th of June the first matches of matchday 27 will be played. This week's episode features Kaan, Özer, Umut, Yakup and a short surprise appearance of the 'Man of the Law' Burak Sezgin to discuss the return of the league, Trabzonspor's UEFA ban due to issues with Financial Fairplay aswell as the Turkish Football Federation's proposed foreign limit rule for the coming seasons, which includes a 32-year age limit for foreign players! Plenty to talk about in this week's episode!
We'll be returning to our regular weekly schedule soon!
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