Tony & Bre Wood: Take Marital Intimacy Deeper


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When we think about marital intimacy, we often think about sex. But what if there was more to it than that? Marriage is hard enough, but we can often make it even harder on ourselves by embracing a shallow view of intimacy and veering away from God's design for our union. Men can be insensitive and domineering, and women can feel abandoned and driven to take the lead. In this episode, Costi Hinn interviews Tony and Bre Wood as they answer key questions about how to reflect God's design in your marriage. They also go into details about how to manage your cash, how to plan your calendar, and how to establish family convictions that will honor God in your marriage. Tony and Bre Wood serve at Mission Bible Church in Costa Mesa, CA where Tony has been the Pastor-Teacher for ten years. For more, go to

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