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Democracy in America and abroad is under threat. Authoritarian regimes, nationalisms of many stripes, a loss sense of the value of democratic participation among younger generations, and a growing cynicism and suspicion of our neighbors all threaten freedom and flourishing. In this episode, Miroslav Volf, Marilynne Robinson, Charles Taylor, Kevin Lau, and Andrew Kwok comment on what makes or breaks democracy around the world. NOTE: For the Life of the World is running highlights, readings, lectures, and other best-of features until May 1, 2022, when we'll be back with new conversations.

Show Notes

  • The concern is with healing our divided country and Church
  • How former president Trump’s false allegations of electoral fraud led to violence at the Capitol
  • Naming wrongdoing for what it is
  • “At the heart of the current effort to deny and overturn the results of the presidential election is the wounded pride of a man”
  • “Many Americans have taken his lie to be their truth. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, among them are many who call themselves Christians.”
  • ‘Jesus 2020’
  • The theological dimension of these events
  • “The salvation (Jesus) offers is not the success of your political candidate or the realization of your national dream”
  • Each of us must ask, what will we do with our fear and anger?
  • “We must commit firmly to truth even, and especially when it hurts our pride when we lose”
  • “Commitment to the truth is never at odds with love of neighbor.”
  • How suspicion has disconnected us from reality, and each other
  • There is something ‘spiritually dead’ about our political climate
  • Do young people care about democracy?
  • “Some people might say, well, if we need to choose between prosperity and democracy, we are going to choose prosperity”
  • A democracy based on ‘the wealthiest culture that ever lived on earth’
  • Democracy’s capacity for great integrity
  • “There is no other way of trying to tap this potential that exists in human beings other than democracy.” – Marilynne Robinson
  • What are the cultural conditions of democracy?
  • Human beings demand our respect
  • The relationship between human sacrality and democracy
  • Kevin Lau and Andrew Kwok on their hopes for tomorrow from the perspective of Hong Kong Christians
  • “For non-western Christians, we always think that democracy is an outcome of Christian spirituality.”
  • The need for internal peace within Christianity
  • Healing memory
  • “You have to hold on tight to your identity as a beloved child of God”
  • Not letting affliction sway you from your true identity
  • Only then can you face your memory, and reality

Production Notes

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