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When companies began designing hybrid workplaces, they came to an unexpected discovery... managers would now be responsible for two employee experiences — remote and in-office. Both at the same time. From one location to another.

In this episode, Sonia explores how best to get hybrid teams on the same page, what it takes to lead from home when your team is in the office, and why it takes extra effort to build trust in a hybrid environment.

Betsy Bula, all-remote evangelist at GitLab, explains what proximity bias is and why providing equal access to technology is even more important in a hybrid workplace.

Heidi K. Gardner from Harvard Law School teaches us how building a trust staircase fosters both competence trust and interpersonal trust in hybrid teams.

Jason McMaster, head equipment manager for the Winnipeg Jets, gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at how he has successfully managed a hybrid workplace during away games for more than a decade.

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