Of Jet Planes and Classic Mustangs Great and Small, Jonathan Campagna Interview


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Classic Ford Mustang community, during his day gig, today’s guest is busy working under the jet hood for Delta Airlines. On the weekends you’ll find him either wrenching on his Classic Mustang i6 turned V8, a talk we are going to get into today. Can’t wait to also find out the similarities our 1st gen Mustangs have with jumbo jets...according to Jonathan, it’s not that far a stretch. Excited to talk to my Mustang brother, Jonathan Campagna.

Talking points from today’s episode:

Genesis of the Vintage Mustang 6 Forum group how it came about:


Experiences at car shows with the i6 motor vs now with V8

V8 swap tips/tricks/concerns/tech

About his Classic Mustang Purchase: I bought the car 4 years ago today can talk about condition and subsequent work to get it to where it is now.

Holley Sniper fuel injection pros/cons

Jonathan’s You Tube Channel:


Ford Mustang The Early Years Podcast (social media)

The Facebook Group






An Expert’s Guide to Maintaining Your Classic Mustang


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