China’s German Connection


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Chinese President Xi Jinping sees the United States as the primary adversary and rival of the People’s Republic of China. His intention is to end America’s tenure as global leader, and to begin his nation’s tenure as global ruler. Until recently most people in the West didn’t understand that. Actually, many still do not.

A few scholars are investigating the means by which Xi and the Chinese Communist Party are attempting to realize their ambitions.

Emily de La Bruyere is a senior fellow at FDD focusing on China. She has pioneered novel data collection and analysis tools tailored to Beijing’s strategic and institutional structures. She has extensive Chinese language research and program management experience.

Nathan Picarsic also is a senior fellow at FDD who studies China, in particular Beijing’s impact across key economic and military areas.

They join host Cliff May to discuss the findings in their alarming new report: “Made in Germany, Co-opted by China.”

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