From Wall Street to being a Navy Seal to appearing twice on Shark Tank. Phil Black leadership is seen in his experience and heard through his message.


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Phil Black is the creator of PrepWell Academy - an innovative approach to preparing high school students (and their parents) for the rigors of the college admissions process. His unique program is delivered online and focuses on the early preparation of students (freshman and sophomore year) interested in attending highly-selective colleges (e.g. Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, etc.), military service academies (e.g. Naval Academy, West Point, etc.), and those seeking athletic or ROTC scholarships. Visit our website to enroll your child in one of our custom programs (Pathway, Ivy, Military, Athlete).
Over the past three decades Phil built a record of unique accomplishments including: DI collegiate athlete, Navy SEAL Officer, Goldman Sachs Investment Banker, bootstrap entrepreneur, 2X Shark Tank contestant, Performance Coach at Johnson & Johnson, firefighter, husband and father of four sons. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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