John Simmerman is about creating a "Culture of Activity" through his Active Towns initiative.


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Experienced people-oriented places professional committed to helping communities create a "Culture of Activity" through proven "All Ages & Abilities" design concepts and evidence-based behavior change initiatives.

John's foundation advocates for Healthy Communities, Inc. dba Active Towns is a globally focused nonprofit, 501c3 organization dedicated to helping communities and organizations become healthy, physical activity promoting places. We accomplish this by employing evidence-based human behavior dynamics, we provide expert advice and support services to communities wishing to establish inviting, invigorating, and inclusive “All Ages & Abilities” people-oriented places which promote active living and enhance quality of life measures, while reducing climate and environmental impacts. One of our signature efforts over the past eight years has been the Active Towns Tour through which we have explored and documented hundreds of cities in nearly a dozen countries learning from the people, places, and programs that have created or are creating a Culture of Activity. Not surprisingly, active mobility and multi-modal transport (blending walking, cycling, and transit use) have been major themes, as has the necessity of building and promoting an "all ages & abilities" environment.

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