Passion & Determination to wheel together to show the possibilities in Life. The Pease Brothers are inspiring through actions for a message bigger than themselves.


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Kyle Pease was born with Cerebral Palsy with Spastic Quadriplegia. His brother, Brent, decided not to wait until their mom woke up on Saturday mornings in order to bring Kyle downstairs to join him—he took it upon himself to get Kyle down the stairs—not because of any other reason than he wanted his buddy there to watch cartoons.

Fast forward more than a decade later, Brent began to tackle the sport of triathlon. Kyle accompanied Brent to his first Ironman in Louisville, spectating and cheering on an unseasonably hot day from his motorized chair. At the conclusion of the race, Kyle wondered if he could also become a triathlete. The brothers’ friend, Betty Janelle, said, “Well of course you can!” and the wheels (pun intended) began to turn. The dream was born from there.

Kyle and Brent completed their first triathlon at St. Anthony’s triathlon in Florida in 2011, and went on to achieve what would seem to be impossible—Ironman Wisconsin and Ironman Florida in subsequent years.

This interview is one that you should not miss. To find out more about how the Pease Brothers are changing minds through their passion, brotherhood and relentless determination go to the Kyle Pease Foundation.

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