The Right Mindset At The Right Time Changes Everything. Pam Christian's energy is as contagious as her message.


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"If you’re trying to find your way forward, you should have a Mindset Coach who has already made the journey." Pam Christian is a world class mindset coach and motivational speaker.

Her energy can be felt in this episode along with the infinite amount of Mindset messaging.

Pam Christian states, "I believe we all have the ability to change our mindset, and as a result, change our reality.

I’ve suffered devastating loss, trauma, and have dealt with countless struggles in my life and I am proud to say, “I crawled out.” And now, I help others stand up and move into a new light. I found clarity through self-exploration, self-examination, meditation, time alone with myself, as well as many other modalities. I moved through, up, and out of these challenges and I learned to experience joy again. I found my inner voice and discovered that self-love is really the way forward.

YOU have the ability within you.

YOU matter."

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