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La Vie Sauvage – Hedonism on Repeat

Leonardo Barilaro – Spusa de Pesse

ISSAMWERA – Ástin mín

Lia Smith – Woman Of Mine

IzonPearl – Friends NO More

Dayo – Zilver

Pena Hughes-John/Pena & Lethia's Natorium Lullaby

Melisa Mia – Not Forever

The Crux – Time and Space

Kyanos – Seabass

JAYD – Lucid Lover

Big Mountain County – What?

Tsatsamis – Lose Yourself

Denni Ian – Two Figures

Davie Furey – History

Bowfinger – C'mon

Ned Holland – All Things

Le Days – We Are Slaves (Alternate Recording)

Caustic Waves – Regenerate

Madison Leigh – Let Me go

Annie Taylor – Midnight

Sukh – Age of Strangers

scott is okay – Bleep Test

Blair Coron – Calum Ruadh Nicolson, Bard of Skye

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