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The power of food, and the intensely personal relationship we have with it, has come to define more than just our waistlines. Today, it is an extension of our identities; a sense-fuelled tool we can utilise to nourish and nurture, empower and please.

Joining Tom Parker Bowles for this deep dive into the psychology of food is award-winning journalist, author and historian Bee Wilson, who, having written four critically acclaimed books – including Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook and Eat (Fortnum & Mason’s Food Book of the Year, 2016) and First Bite: The Way We Eat Now offers fascinating insight into the culture of consumption.

Here, they debate how to positively tackle the modern obesity crisis; reflect on the transformative, joyful nature of cooking; and discuss how the post-lockdown landscape is shaping a positive future for British produce.

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