Forty20 NOT LIVE's Canadian Cavalcade - 13th February 2021


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We're heading over the Atlantic Ocean for another busy episode of Forty20 NOT LIVE as we check in on the state of the game in Canada, now the Toronto Wolfpack appear to be no more.

Joining us are World Cup hopeful Krista Kent, with the World Ranked 5th Canada Ravens in England's group this autumn, and she tells us about her experiences in the sport, and hopes for the national team, while Carl Holmes, Vice President of Ontario Rugby League shares with us their plans for growing the game with the aid of Masters RL.

Also with us is Wolfpack fan Nicholas Mew, who has written an article on the demise of them in the latest Forty20 Magazine, talking about the frustrations of those who've been left behind as Super League moves on.

Plenty to think about as ever, and to be positive about!

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