Sister Cathy, Part 53: Richter's Medical Assistant Comes Forward


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Gemma and Shane interview 'Liz', who shares details from her time working for Dr. Christian Richter. You may recall that Father Maskell allegedly took students he was sexually abusing to Dr. Richter for abortions. *Trigger Warning for survivors*Visit us online at itsfoulplay.comEpisode Sponsors:Get $15 off to grow thicker, healthier hair with Nutrafol at promo code FOULCRIMEProtect yourself and your family with Taser's line of smart-defense products. Save 15% at promo code FOULPLAY Take your free mental health assessment and get up to $100 credit on your first month of treatment at Get delicious fresh meals delivered directly to your door and get 12 free meals by going to and use code foul12 Support the show (

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