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“Success isn’t about greatness, it’s about consistency” And those who are consistent are bound for greatness! Well if we had to sum up an intro for our guest this week, that would be perfectly befitting!

The hunk we know today Jitendra Chouksey Founder of Fittr, was bullied as a child for being overweight. That’s what prompted him to strive for the fittest version of himself.

His success at fitness & his genuine selfless desire to help out friends on their path to fitness eventually led to his accidental entry into entrepreneurship! Much like the adage goes, “life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”

JC’s accidental journey started when we decided to compile a booklet to answer his friend’s queries about fitness, one thing led to another and JC found himself becoming an entrepreneur of a venture that made INR10Lakhs in its first month! The rest is history.

JC had not only transformed himself, but he became a fitness entrepreneur with two very successful businesses! Driven by his aspiration to be a positive change-maker - JC is determined to shatter myths & re-define the obscured meaning of fitness & set the right example for generations to come.

Tune in to this episode of Founder Thesis as host Akshay Datt unwraps the tales of Jitendra’s ventures & of one of the world's largest online fitness and nutrition communities.

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