S2E3 Raising $7M for a local neighborhood workspaces. An Interview with CEO Christelle Rohaut


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In this episode Pek chats to Christelle Rohaut who is the Codi CEO and co-founder. Codi is a home office-sharing company that lets users lend rooms in their homes for others to work from. They discuss how the pandemic interrupted the business, as well as how it has now launched in San Francisco and is planning on launching in more cities soon.

Episode Highlights:

• Christelle explains what Codi is and how it is mainly focused on enterprise clients.

• The company works on offering co-working spaces closer to home. Christelle explains how beneficial a co-working space can be and how this benefit has been lost during COVID.

• Christelle outlines her entrepreneurship journey that’s taken her from her country of birth, France, to the US.

• Pek and Christelle dive deeper into the challenges of funding and how to succeed in obtaining amazing investors who bring lots of value.

• Privacy and security are a major concern in this day and age, especially with companies such as Codi. Christelle explains the various policies and infrastructures in place to protect homeowners and workers.

• Finally, the pair discuss how to cope mentally with the day-to-day running of a new business – especially during the pandemic.

Relevant Links:

• Discover Codi - https://www.codi.com/

• Connect with Christelle on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/christelle-rohaut-52117ab0/

Our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjTNHAg3TzJRf9zlsFJkGYg

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