S2E4 Sustainable Made-to-Order Fashion Marketplace An Interview with Balodana CEO Dana Todd


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Dana Todd is an internet pioneer and has been in roles such as the co-founder of a top digital marketing agency, founding board member of a global search marketing trade organization, patent holder and now the founder and CEO of a marketplace platform for disrupting the global garment supply chain, Balodana.

Balodana is the first and only marketplace made exclusively by women to measure fashions from around the world.

Episode Highlights:

· Dana starts off the episode by outlining what Balodana is. She describes how they identified a big issue with fitting women’s clothes and how Balodana set out to fix it.

· There is a lot of fear around making online clothes purchases. Will what you’re buying fit? Can you trust the online measurements? Dana discusses how they have partnered with 3D Look in an effort to improve their integration with digital measuring and fitting through apps.

· Pek and Dana speak a bit more about the product’s journey. Dona outlines how they progressed from an MVP to a product that was getting success rates far higher than retail.

· Digital marketing is undoubtedly the most powerful advertising tool, Dana explains how Balodana doesn’t spend that much on SEO and digital marketing but is still able to make a big impact.

· Being a technology person, Dana believes in creating standards for the industry so the different digital aspects of fashion can talk to each other and make a better industry for all.

Relevant Links:

· Discover Balodana - https://www.balodana.com/

· Connect with Dana on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/danatodd/

Our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjTNHAg3TzJRf9zlsFJkGYg

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