Season 6 Episode 19 Lilakk- Great new band from Savannah, Georgia!


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This episode's guest is Lilakk- a great new band from Savannah, Georgia! I spoke with Calli Joiner, Kirk Joiner, and Zack Young and we shared band stories from over the years about finding band members and going on the road.
From their website- "Lilakk is an Alternative Grunge band from the music scene of Savannah, Georgia in the USA. A generation raised on early 90's rock music, they draw influence from bands like Nirvana, STP, and The Breeders . The band being fronted by rock's newest power couple; their modern take on grunge, and their energetic live performances on stage are causing a buzz around the world. Lilakk's latest Single "Rain" is now available on all major online platforms including ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify."
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